Here we are in the new year! I have so much brewing and so many private engagements and clients and so little that I can announce to all of you!
One thing I can announce however is that I'm releasing a single on Friday, February 9th! It's called "Imagination." Check out the music video where you can listen free on youtube, I'll be sure to post the link here and on social media. Also it will be available for purchase basically everywhere that sells music (although because there wasn't much lead time you may notice some stores and streaming services will take a little longer to process it). Here is the itunes link:

Some other new things: I recently became a Dad (woot!), and I got a new recording interface, so I'm hoping to be able to bring you lots more new music in the very near future. Also The Electra Color is getting ready to release a new album, Jive Safely is booking stuff that I will post here and I'm hopefully going to be booking some shows of my own that will pop up on the calendar (if I'm not too lazy to keep it updated).

Thanks everyone! Keep the dream alive!






  • Not What I Meant To Say3:07
  • The Synonymous Self3:24
  • Bugs3:33
  • The Oil Song1:25
  • Political Pistachio Theme0:00
  • Rondo in H 2:53


Music video for Imagination!

Apple Music: