• Not What I Meant To Say3:07
  • The Synonymous Self3:24
  • Bugs3:33
  • The Oil Song1:25
  • Political Pistachio Theme0:00
  • Rondo in H 2:53

Lookin' Spiffy! My mom took this photo.

The new jazz combo: Jive safely
Photo by Sara Pibal

JULY 1rst, 2017
What a month! I did my first film score for a film that my friend made for the 48-hour film project in Madison entitled "What I Didn't Do." The Electra Color played at Summerfest and it was AWESEOME! Huge thank you to everyone who came to see us! We were also on the television show "Rock Garden Live" broadcast on the CW14 out of Green Bay and that was phenomenally exciting to watch.
I am now the drummer for a jazz combo based out of Sheboygan called "Jive Safely." We're playing at the Jazz Crawl in Plymouth in August and we have more in the works so that's exciting!
I've got a lot more projects in the works, new music, possibly videos, new merch, a new youtube channel and I am preparing to start doing a LOT more shows. So here's the deal: my shows are going to be AMAZING and you will love them, but only if you COME to them! The more of my shows you come to, the more shows I can have, and the more you can come to my shows and have an AMAZING time.
Alright. Let's boogie.
I appreciate your support!